Boeing 747

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced to stop production of its jumbo jet.
According to the news agency Associated Press, the first Jumbo Jet 747 took off in the year 1969. The ship was also used for cargo purposes, 500-passenger commercial aircraft, and NASA’s space shuttle.
This Boeing jet was also used as Air Force One for the US President’s travels.

The jumbo jet 747 revolutionized the air travel industry and connected many regions of the world that were previously not served by direct flights.
But over the past 15 years, Boeing and its European rival, Airbus, have introduced more profitable and fuel-efficient open planes with two engines.
The Boeing 747 jumbo jet flies in the air with the help of four engines.
Boeing produced a total of 1,574 jumbo jets, and the last of the series was built in Puget Sound, Washington.
Boeing’s last jumbo jet was built for cargo carrier company Atlas Air, and a large number of the planemaker’s workers are expected to bid it farewell.
“If you love the job, you dread this moment,” aviation industry analyst Richard Abolafia told The Associated Press. No one wants a four-engine plane anymore, but it cannot eliminate the service of this large aircraft to the industry.
Boeing started manufacturing the jumbo jet when the contract for the military transport aircraft ‘C5A’ could not be secured.

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