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Australia has announced the removal of symbols of the British monarchy from its currency notes.
According to the French news agency AFP, the Central Bank of Australia said on Thursday that the former Queen Elizabeth II will be replaced by an image of indigenous Australian culture on the five dollar currency note.
The removal of the image of Britain’s new king, Charles III, from the five-dollar note means that there will no longer be an image of a monarch on Australia’s currency notes.

The Reserve Bank of Australia says it will consult with its country’s indigenous peoples about the new note design to prioritize the culture and history of Australians.
On the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year on September 8, mourning was officially announced in Australia, but some Australian indigenous organizations protested against the destructive effects of the British colonial era and demanded the end of the monarchy. was
Australia is a democratic country, but being a constitutional monarchy, its head is King Charles II.

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The Reserve Bank of Australia has said its decision is supported by the government of Prime Minister Antony Albenez, who supports making Australia a democratic state.
The central bank notes that it will take “several years” to design and print the new note, but the old five-dollar note will continue to be used.
This move by the Reserve Bank of Australia has been applauded by the republican movement.
The Republican movement in favor of giving Australia the status of a republican country has said that before British settlement, more than 65,000 indigenous people of Australia were present on their land.
The social organization Australian Monarchist League has said that “before a referendum was held on whether the people wanted to have the monarch as head of state or the president, this government decided on its own to remove the symbol of the monarchy from the five dollar note.”

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