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Hong Kong opened its doors to the world after the end of the corona virus, the government announced to give 5 lakh free air tickets.

The travel ban due to the corona virus has ended after three years and the Hong Kong government has announced to give away 500,000 air tickets for free.

The government has launched a campaign titled ‘Hello Hong Kong’ to attract tourists back to the country.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee has announced 500,000 free air tickets for tourists to see the country’s vibrant life.

He announced that there are now “no quarantines, no restrictions” in Hong Kong.

Delivery of the free air tickets will begin in March and will be distributed by local airlines Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines.

During the summer, 80,000 air tickets will be provided separately to Hong Kong residents.

It should be noted that in 2022, only 6 million tourists came to Hong Kong, while in 2018, more than 6 million tourists visited the country.

Over the past three years, more than 130 international companies have closed their offices in Hong Kong.

Last year, 140,000 people left Hong Kong and went abroad.

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