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Overseas Network, February 3 According to ABC reports, on the evening of February 1, a female congresswoman in Sayville, New Jersey, was shot dead in front of her home and died on the spot. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy condemned the incident, saying he was “shocked” by the gun violence.

The victim was Eunice Dumfer, 30 years old, Republican, with a 12-year-old daughter. Dumfer was shot several times and died in his car outside his home, police said. More than 10 shots were fired as the suspect approached Dumfer’s car on foot, sources said. At present, whether the suspect was arrested and the motive for the suspect’s crime are not yet clear.

Guns are rampant in the United States, and violent incidents are frequent. The Associated Press issued an article on January 29, taking stock of the many gun violence incidents that occurred in the United States at the beginning of the New Year. saying that the frequent occurrence of shootings has made tracking unsustainable. In addition to causing endless bloodshed, gun violence has also plunged society into continuous grief.

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