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With the fierce competition between China and the United States. The United States seems to be particularly concerned about the development of China’s military technology. Even to the point where it becomes a war. And a few days ago, the Americans suddenly discovered that a Chinese fighter jet. With an extremely unique shape was undergoing a test flight. And it was suspected to be a sixth-generation Chinese fighter jet.

The defense media “Engine”, which has a close relationship with the military in the United States. Suddenly broke the news a few days ago that China is likely to be testing a sixth-generation aircraft. According to the US media, the location where this “sixth-generation aircraft”. That was photographed is the “airport of the largest fighter aircraft manufacturer” in China. Then what is said here should be “Cheng Fei”.

In the so-called “latest obtained picture” shown by the US media. A group of people surround an electronic instrument that is suspected to be a simulated flight device. A fighter jet with a delta wing design. The shape is similar to the transparent model displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show in China last year. And many people speculate that it is the conceptual model of China’s sixth-generation aircraft. Personally, I suspect that, judging from the content of the picture alone. This is likely to be simulating a certain subsystem of this mysterious fighter, or the feasibility of a certain capability.

Sixth-generation aircraft

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However, there is one thing to say, it is not a secret that China began to research and build the sixth-generation aircraft after the advent of the J-20. Our relevant departments also have this research and development habit, producing one generation and pre-researching one generation. It is not groundless that the United States is staring at China’s sixth-generation aircraft. In September last year, General Mark Kelly, the supreme commander of the U.S. Air Force Command, once revealed that China is using its own way to respond to the U.S. “Next Generation Air Superiority Fighter Plan”.

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