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In the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Police has foiled an attempt to spread 11 kilograms of drugs worth 32 million dirhams in the state.
28 accused of three planning groups have been arrested. They belong to different countries.

According to Emirates News Agency, Dubai Police said in a statement that 621 thousand 634 tablets of 99 kg Captagon have been seized. Twelve kilograms of crystal, heroin and hashish were among the seized drugs.
Dubai Police said in a statement that a group had planned to distribute 99 kilograms of Capt agon in the emirate. The estimated market value is 31 million 18 thousand dirhams.
The police have detained three suspects of the group.
 In another case, a person had sent unknowing messages from an international number that talked about drug distribution. As a result of the investigation and investigation process, the main suspect of this group has been arrested and 9.7 kg of crystal has been recovered.
Dubai Police said that in the third operation, a person who was involved in drug dealing through social media was found to be involved. He used to supply drugs to people at their residences.
This person was arrested and heroin was recovered. As a result of the interrogation, 23 more people were arrested and drugs were also recovered from their possession.

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