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It seems that scientists have decided to bring back the extinct animals inspired by the movie Jurassic Park, and in this regard they have announced the revival of extinct animals in the recent past. However, the animals that will be brought back will not be overwhelmingly dinosaurs.

A foreign media report has stated that scientists have decided to give life to extinct animals through their DNA. Scientists have already announced the return of the Tasmanian tiger, the giant wooly elephant and the dodo bird through the Nobel Prize-winning “Casper Case Nine” technology. The report states that the project is currently being undertaken on a limited basis as the project to bring back extinct animals through this technique would cost millions of dollars. The project started by Colossal Biosciences based in Dallas, Texas, USA, is called Back-Breeding, which also means cloning. First, preparations are being made to bring back the three-foot dodo.

The land bird named Dodo became extinct in 1662 and was found in Mauritius. Experts had sequenced its genome in 2022. The Dodo is considered to be the most popular extinct bird in the world and will be brought back by its close relative, the Nicobar Pigeon. The giant wooly mammoth (wooly mammoth) became extinct about 10,000 years ago and was found from the Eurasian region to Canada and from the Arctic to China. Experts sequenced its genome in 2008 and preparations are underway to reintroduce the animal through its close relative, the Asian elephant.

The Tasmanian tiger became extinct three thousand years ago and was found in countries like Australia and New Guinea. Experts sequenced its genome in 2017, and, surprisingly, its DNA matches that of the Fat-Tailed Dunnart, an animal similar to a mouse, and therefore, the gene was extracted from the skin of this animal to bring back the Tasmanian tiger. Will be done In addition to these three animals, experts are also considering reintroducing the Christmas rat (a small mouse), the Pyrenean ibex, a type of buffalo, the aurochs, and a certain frog (the Southern Gastric Brooding Frog)., but their genome sequences have not yet been completed. could go

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