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India has imported about 24 billion dollars worth of military equipment from various countries during the last five years.
According to ‘Times of India’, on Friday, India’s junior defense minister Ajay Bhatt told the parliament that during the last five years, India has received about $24 billion worth of military equipment from other countries, including the United States, Russia, France, Israel and Spain. Goods are imported.
The imported equipment includes helicopters, aircraft radars, rockets, guns, missiles, and rifles.

Junior Defense Minister Ajay Bhatt told Parliament that since 2017, India has signed 88 contracts with foreign companies for the import of military equipment. while the total number of contracts for procurement of military equipment in the last five years is 264. was.’
Ajay Bhatt said that the Indian government is following the policy of ‘Made in India’ to reduce the dependence on imported goods and further reforms are being made in this policy.
India’s ‘Defence Research and Development Organisation’ is currently working on 55 projects to develop technology used in submarines, fighter jets, cruise missiles, drones and anti-tank weapons.
According to the Times of India, India is ahead of many countries, including Russia and Britain, in spending money to increase military and defense capabilities.
According to the report, the US defense budget is 10 times more than India’s, while China’s defense budget is four times more than India’s.

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