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At least 103 people have been killed in a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Syria on Monday morning that has reduced buildings to rubble, with the death toll expected to rise.
According to the news agency AFP, the death toll from the earthquake has reached 53 in Turkey and 50 in Syria.

According to Turkey’s Sarkai TV, ten provinces were affected by the earthquake.
According to Turkish authorities, the strongest tremors were felt in the southeastern part of the country, where extensive damage was done.
The epicenter of the earthquake was Nardagi area of Ghazi Intep province, located in the south of Turkey, while the depth of the earthquake was about 18 km.
According to the initial report of the German Research Center, the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale, while the US Geological Survey (USGS) said that the magnitude was 7.8.
The American Geological Survey says that the earthquake occurred at 4:17am local time, which is around 1:20am GMT.
Tremors were also felt in Cyprus, Greece, and Lebanon.
Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency says that the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.04, while the USGS also reported that some aftershocks were still felt 15 minutes later with a magnitude of 6.7.
Internet users in Jerusalem and Beirut also reported in posts on social media that they also felt strong tremors and that they opened their eyes.
User Nasap wrote that “I live in Ghazi In up. I was sleeping when the shocks started, which were very scary.

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