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The death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 4,300, while the death toll is expected to rise further.
According to the French news agency AFP, Turkey’s aid agency AFAD confirmed on Tuesday that the death toll from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake has reached 2,921.

AFAD said the number of confirmed deaths rose to 4,365 after more deaths.
The Disaster Management Agency said that more than 14,000 people have been injured in Turkey and at least 3,411 in Syria.
On the other hand, officials at the World Health Organization have expressed fear that the death toll may reach 20,000 as a result of the terrible earthquake.
The government of Pakistan has sent a 51-member team to Turkey with relief supplies. According to the spokesperson of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), PK 707 departed from Lahore to Istanbul with the Pakistani rescue team and their special equipment.
The spokesperson said that the PIA administration has also stopped the delivery of relief goods free of charge on humanitarian grounds. Delivery of relief goods has been made free of charge on all flights to Istanbul (Turkey) and Damascus (Syria).
On Monday and Tuesday night, the screams of people buried under the rubble were heard as relatives scrambled to find their loved ones.
In both countries, the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred in the early hours of Monday was recorded at 7.8.
In 1999, an earthquake of the same magnitude occurred in Turkey in which 17 thousand people were killed and more than 13 thousand were injured.
As a result of the earthquake, buildings collapsed, hospitals were destroyed and thousands of people were displaced.

Rescue workers are trying to pull out people buried under the rubble
Rescue workers are trying to pull out people buried under the rubble

A woman buried under the rubble in Turkey’s southern province of Hatay was crying for help. The body of a child was also lying nearby.
Deniz, a local resident crying in the rain, said that people were buried under the rubble and were crying for help.
They said that they are making noises, but no one is coming; we are devastated, we are devastated. My God, they are crying out for help. They are saying to save us, but we are not able to save. How do we save them? We have not seen anyone here since morning.
The severity of the cold has also increased the difficulties of the people buried under the debris and homeless.
Residents of the north of Hatay province sat around the fire to keep themselves warm.
Nishat Guler, a man who was sitting around the fire with his four children, said, “We barely left the house.” Our situation is disastrous. We are hungry and thirsty, suffering and suffering

Ten provinces of Turkey have been affected
Ten provinces of Turkey have been affected

According to Turkey’s Sarkai TV, 10 provinces were affected by the earthquake.
The initial quake was followed by more than a hundred aftershocks, while a magnitude 7.7 aftershock occurred later in the day, disrupting rescue efforts.
The European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) said the epicenter of the second major earthquake was 67 km from the Qahirman Marash district at a depth of 2 km.
The epicenter of the earthquake was Nardagi area of Ghazi Antap province in the south of Turkey, while the depth of the earthquake was about 18 km.

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