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An elderly mother in Egypt has been sitting by the graves of her four sons for 33 years.
The grieving mother has told the Egyptian media her story and the details of her life in the cemetery after the death of her sons.

According to Al-Arabiya Net, an Egyptian woman is living alone in an uninhabited desert area in the southern city of Bani Suef.
Egyptian woman Nadia Abdul Hameed Seyed, also known as ‘Umm Ayman’, says, “Now she is 75 years old and she spends the whole day by the graves of her sons who are in the Sheikh Rifat cemetery.”
He said that she comes home to spend the night and goes to the cemetery early the next morning. This has been the norm for 33 years.
Nadia Abdul Hameed Syed, recalling her relatives, said that she had five sons, four of whom died in 1990 due to a gas cylinder bursting in the house.
Umm Ayman said in a sad tone that since the death of the sons, the mind has stopped working. I still don’t understand how she lost four corners of her liver in a few moments?

The Egyptian woman says, I talk to my children in the cemetery.
The Egyptian woman says, I talk to my children in the cemetery.

The Egyptian woman says, “I talk to my children in eternal sleep in the cemetery.” Tell them the details of daily life as if they are listening.
She said that she has made a small room near the cemetery where she spends the whole day. I cook there. They are sure that my children are with me and they come to meet me in my dreams.
The Egyptian woman’s will is that after death, she should be buried next to her children.

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