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In Britain, a police officer has been sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and sexual assault.
According to the French news agency AFP, on Tuesday, a judge sentenced a former police officer to 30 years in prison for dozens of cases of rape and sexual assault.
Judge Bobby Cheema Grube sentenced police officer David Carrick to 36 life terms for committing 71 sexual offenses with 12 women.

The judge wrote in the decision that “Carrick has raped 48 times, due to which he is a serious threat to women.”
The 48-year-old, an officer in Britain’s largest metropolitan police force, will now serve three decades in prison before being eligible for parole.
On the other hand, there was a public outcry against the Metropolitan Police after the murder of young girl Sarah Everard in March 2021. Wayne Cousins, a police officer involved in the murder and rape of Sarah Everard, was also sentenced to life in prison.
David Carrick and Wayne Cousins were employed in the same police unit tasked with protecting members of parliament and diplomats.
Judge Cheema Groob added that “Carrick brutally sexually assaulted the victims.”
“Because of the position of the police, the criminal was not in any danger from the law, only life imprisonment can be compensated for such serious crimes.”
On the day Carrick was sentenced, the Metropolitan Police announced that another police officer had also been convicted of rape and harassment.
Last month, protesters threw more than 1,000 ‘bad apples’ outside the law enforcement agency’s headquarters.
A thousand bad apples were thrown because so many policemen are facing domestic violence and abuse.
It should be noted that the organization has also revealed that two to three officers appear in court every week for involvement in crimes.
Prosecutor Tom Little told Southwark Crown Court on Monday that Carrick initially used his position to gain the women’s trust and then brutally assaulted them. Targeted.

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