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French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been criticized for publishing a comic cartoon about the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that killed more than 16,000 people. Is.
According to Arab News, the caption of the cartoon published by Charlie Hebdo reads ‘Drawing of the day’, while the background shows collapsed buildings and piles of rubble and reads ‘Earthquake in Turkey’. , similarly, the bottom of the cartoon reads ‘No need to send tanks.’
After the cartoon was published, there has been a strong backlash against it on social media, including prominent journalists.

A large number of people have called the cartoon ‘racist’ and ‘vulgar’ and condemned it for making fun of thousands of innocent victims.
Scholar Khalid Baydaun wrote that it was ‘racist, vulgar and insensitive’.
In the same way, Abdullah Al-Emadi responded in his tweet, saying, “This is very offensive.” Making fun of other people’s troubles and enjoying it is against journalistic values and I have no doubt about it.
Gisele Khoury, a journalist from Lebanon, called the cartoon “shameful” and demanded that the magazine explain how it was “freedom of expression”.
Similarly, Rana Abijoma, a journalist from Lebanon, wrote that “Charlie Hebdo’s racism knows no bounds. I wonder how anyone will defend this satirical magazine after today.”
Murad Tayeb, a journalist from Tanweez, said that “Charlie Hebdo is a supporter of his hatred, obstinacy, unethical journalism and colonialism and has nothing to do with journalistic freedom.”

The caption of the cartoon reads 'Drawing of the day' and 'No need to send a tank'
The caption of the cartoon reads ‘Drawing of the day’ and ‘No need to send a tank

Khaled Rimal strongly condemned the magazine, calling the cartoon racist and a joke on thousands of suffering people.
In response to the cartoon, Qaisal Hazari shared a video of aid workers rescuing an infant who lost his entire family.
He wrote that this is the tragedy that you are making fun of.
Former federal minister of Pakistan and┬áPTI┬áleader Shireen Mazari also expressed anger over the cartoon and wrote that ‘hatred and Islamophobia are on the rise when Charlie Hebdo portrays a natural disaster in this way.

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