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The death toll from the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 15,000, while the hopes of surviving the people buried under the debris are still fading.
According to Arab News, between Wednesday and Thursday night, people remained near the piles of debris where their loved ones were buried. Similarly, a large number of victims have been searching for shelter and food in the vast area of the southern part of the country and they are facing difficulties due to severe cold weather.

Rescue workers rescued a few people alive from the debris on Wednesday. But there are also complaints from people that they were not rescued due to a lack of proper training and equipment to remove the debris. could go
The victims say that the cries of many people buried in the mud kept coming, but due to the lack of necessary equipment, they could not be pulled out.
Sources say that authorities have so far reached only two to three percent of the destroyed buildings.
A woman still lies near a snow-covered destroyed building in the city of Malatya, with her relatives children buried under its rubble.
A woman named Sabiha Alinek said, “Where is the state?” Where have these people been for two days? We are begging them. We cannot take them out; let’s, let’s take them out together.

Internet Photo
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Dozens of bodies are lined up outside a hospital in the Antioch region, some covered with blankets and others covered with bags.
A 64-year-old woman, Melek, who was pulled out of the wreckage, said, “I didn’t see any rescue team.” We have survived the earthquake, but we will die of hunger and cold.
Some of the same scenes are being seen in southern Syria as it was also hit by a strong earthquake on Monday.

Syria’s UN envoy has admitted that the Damascus region is facing a “lack of essential supplies for the government”.
He blamed this situation on the sanctions imposed by the western countries.
Similarly, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged that the government’s initial response to the crisis was inadequate, but stressed that it is being improved.
“We should improve tomorrow and the time after that. We have some fuel problems but we will overcome them,” he said.

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