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Hundreds of planes fly in the sky every day around the world, but there are some places where no plane crashes, or rather, pilots don’t fly their planes there on purpose.

The Tibetan Plateau is the largest area in sight, a vital route for air travel that connects China to Europe and the Middle East. but in Live Plane Tracker any of the hundreds of planes will pass through the area. Air is not visible.

The main reason for this is the highest mountain ranges that extend to China, Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The average height of the mountains in this area is 14,000 feet, while commercial aircraft usually fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet. In the case of an emergency, it is impossible for the planes to land in a mountainous area like the Tibetan Plateau. In addition, the air there hits the highest mountains and goes upwards, which can cause the aircraft to lose balance.

In addition, planes do not fly over volcanoes; on June 24, 1982, a flight from London to New Zealand passed through the clouds of a volcano en route, during which smoking was prohibited on board. There was no air, when the smoke started to accumulate on this plane; the passengers thought that someone might be smoking, but then the crew and the pilot started smelling sulfur in the smoke. then they understood that there must be something wrong.

In fact, it happened that the ash of the volcano got into the engine and melted, due to which all the engines of the plane stopped, then when the plane descended from 37 thousand feet and reached 12 thousand feet, luckily three of the four engines started again. After which the plane landed safely. After this incident, planes did not fly over any volcano.

North Korea is the only country whose airspace is considered the most dangerous, as the North Korean military can launch missiles at any time without warning, causing planes to avoid flying over North Korea.

Do you know that planes don’t even fly over the Kaaba, the holy place of Muslims around the world, because the Saudi government has declared the entire Makkah-ul-Mukarmah as a ‘no-fly zone’. Security is also a concern as a large number of Muslims worship at the Kaaba every day and if any untoward incident occurs in the case of passing planes, there could be a huge loss of life.

Apart from this, it is also prohibited to fly over America’s top-secret Area Fifty-One, a 7,500-square-kilometer no-fly zone in the state of Nevada, in case a plane accidentally flies over there. If attempted, it will first be asked to change course immediately; otherwise US troops have the option of shooting it down.

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