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The United States has shot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the airspace of the state of Alaska.
According to the Reuters news agency, US Defense Department spokesman Brigadier Patrick Ryder said that an American F-22 fighter jet shot down a UFO the size of a small car on Friday.

Unusually, President Joe Biden issued orders to shoot down the UFO, which were announced by the White House.
A few days ago, on February 4, the American warplane F-22 shot down a Chinese balloon flying in the airspace of the state of South Carolina, which was allegedly being used for espionage.
The Pentagon and the White House have said the size of the flying saucer was much smaller than a Chinese balloon, but declined to provide further details.
The Pentagon said the UFO was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet, which could have posed a threat to air traffic.
“We don’t know who owns this thing,” White House spokesman John Kirby said, but the Pentagon said it was not a plane.
The UFO was shot down in the northeastern part of Alaska near the Canadian border and was flying in a northeasterly direction.
The Pentagon says it was first spotted by radar on February 9, sending fighter jets to investigate further.
Pentagon spokesman Brigadier Patrick Ryder said the mission was accompanied by American pilots who assured the unidentified object that there were no humans inside.
Referring to the Chinese balloon, he said that much of its debris had been recovered, which would reveal more information about China’s spying capabilities.

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