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Cypriot authorities say the government is investigating how seven whales died mysteriously off the island’s northern coast.
There are reports that three more whales of the same species have also been found dead on the beaches of Turkish Cyprus.

This is the largest number of whales found dead on an island in the eastern Mediterranean, where whales are occasionally but not commonly seen.
The whales found dead were all beaked whales, which are known for diving deeper than any other mammal species.
Whales have been found on several beaches along the northern coast between Polis and Pachyamos.
One whale was found dead on Thursday, along with three beached whales, which had been pushed back into the sea.
An official from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research said that a post-mortem has been conducted to ascertain the cause of death of the whales.
He said that the experts have collected more samples for more information in this regard.

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