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The death toll from the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 28,000, and as time passes, hope for survivors in the rubble is fading.
Martin Griffiths, the head of the United Nations aid agency, has said that the death toll from the earthquake may exceed 50,000.
The correspondents of the news agencies are bringing the tragic stories of the injured and the survivors from the affected areas to the world to read, watch and listen, in which the instability of life is evident.

According to Arab News, when the first shock of the earthquake occurred in the southeast of Turkey last Monday morning, local residents Baris Yapar rushed out of the house. When he went to visit his grandparents who lived nearby, instead of a building, there was a pile of rubble.
“We waited all night,” Baris Yapar told Arab News near his home in Samandag district of Hatay province. Made several phone calls but no one could help.
“After about 40 hours, we ourselves rented the necessary equipment and dismantled a part of the building’s debris.”
The immediate aftermath of an earthquake is critical for search and rescue efforts. But due to the devastating earthquake in the affected area, the roads were blocked or badly damaged, making it difficult for rescue teams to reach.
Using only a few basic tools and their bare hands, Yapar and other residents managed to pull their relatives from the mountain of rubble 60 hours after the earthquake. but their grandparents did not survive.
“We didn’t find any ambulances or hearses after pulling my grandmother and grandfather out of their collapsed building,” said Baris Yapar.
We took them in our trunk to the mortuary. Then we came the next day to find their bodies, among hundreds of others. Finally we found them and took them to the cemetery in our car to bury them.

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Almost a week after Monday’s devastating earthquake, rescue teams are still searching for signs of life in the rubble of buildings in towns and cities in southeastern Turkey. even as hope for survivors is fading.
Bars-Yapar and other families like him are now thinking of starting their lives anew. Their houses are partially destroyed, but they are not habitable.
They will rebuild their lives by removing the leftovers from the destroyed houses.
He told Arab News that there were no mobile toilets in the district. “We still have no heaters and no bottled gas.”
Baris-Yapar said that the trend of looting has been increasing for a few days. There are also security concerns as looters take advantage of the chaos.
Turkish authorities have arrested 48 people for looting, the state-run Anadolu news agency said.

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7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria, more than 100 dead

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