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In the Indian city of Mumbai, the police have arrested a man who changed his identity and disappeared for 15 years.
According to NDTV, 38-year-old Pravin Ashoba Jadeja was arrested on Saturday.

Pravin Ashoba Jadeja was wanted in a financial scam and was posing as an agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).
Pravin Ashoba was identified by the police with the help of his two gold teeth and arrested.
The accused used to work as a salesman at a clothing store where he embezzled 40,000 Indian rupees from the owner in 2007.
After that, to avoid arrest, the accused, Pravin Ashoba changed his identity and went to the Indian state of Gujarat.
According to the police, he was identified by three names, Pravin Ashoba Jadeja, Pravin Singh, and Pradeep Singh.
According to the statement, the man has been charged with fraud and evading the police. He got bail a few days after his arrest.
After being released on bail, Pravin Ashoba fled from Mumbai instead of appearing in court again. Then the court declared him a fugitive.

According to a Mumbai Police officer, Pravin Ashoba was working as a salesman in a clothing store in 2007. His owner sent him to collect 40,000 Indian rupees from another businessman, but instead of delivering the money to the owner, he said that the money was stolen.
“The accused stated that a bag full of money was stolen from the toilet.”
Later, after an investigation, it was found that the money was not stolen but was kept by Pravin Ashoba.
Giving details about the arrest of the accused after he was declared a fugitive from the court, the Mumbai Police said that ‘A few days ago, the police started searching for him again. Meanwhile, Pravin Ashoba’s old colleagues were also questioned.
After that, it came to know that Pravin was hiding in Sabharai, a village in Kutch district of Gujarat. Then the police disguised as life insurance agents called Praveen to Mumbai and recognized him and arrested him.

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