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A video has gone viral on Indian social media timelines in which a girl dressed in a bridal dress is sitting in an exam room giving a paper.
According to Indian NDTV, the bride named Shri Lakshmi Anil is actually a student of Bethni Nava Jeevan Physiotherapy College in the state of Kerala.
The video of the bride sitting for the exam on her wedding day has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Instagram.

In the video, a girl dressed in a yellow saree can be seen entering the hall as her classmates greet her with songs and slogans.
It is clear from the video that the way the lady is dressed up, she has come for the exam straight from a wedding ceremony.
On the wedding couple, they are wearing a doctor’s coat and a stethoscope is hanging around their neck.
Shri Lakshmi shared her video and captioned it, ‘Medical life, physiotherapy exam and marriage all in one day.’
In another video, they can be seen preparing for a practical exam. Rather, in another clip, one friend can be seen fixing the pleats of the bride’s sari, while another puts a stethoscope around the bride’s throat before she enters the examination room.

After giving the exam, the bride leaves the exam room and hugs her mother happily.
Commenting on the video, many users wished the bride well

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