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The United States has said that the location and purpose of the “air bodies” dropped by its military last weekend are still unknown.
According to the Reuters news agency, China and the United States have been exchanging accusations since the targeting of high-flying balloons in US airspace.

US officials are trying to understand the purpose of the presence of these ‘things’ in the atmosphere. While the White House spokesperson, Kirin Jean Perry, has emphasized that these are human-made objects. There is no evidence of interference by aliens, etc.
It should be noted that this series started on February 4 this month when the US military shot down a ‘Chinese spy balloon’ off the coast of South Carolina.
Later on Friday, US fighter jets shot down three more mysterious objects in North American airspace.
After this new action, the White House spokesman on national security, John Kirby, said in a news briefing, “We cannot say anything definitive about this yet.” What were these newly dropped items?
On the other hand, the Pentagon said that on Sunday, US military fighter jets shot down an octagonal object over Lake Huron, while another object was dropped from the sea ice near Dead Horse, Alaska, on Friday. Later on Saturday, a cylindrical object crashed into Canada’s Yukon Territory.
John Kirby said the wreckage, which has yet to be found, “tells us a lot.”
The White House spokesperson added that objects flying at an altitude of 20,000 to 40,000 feet were considered a threat to air traffic.
Although these (objects) posed no threat to people on the ground, they were also shot down because US officials could not rule out that they were spying.

China’s position

China says it has no information about these three things.
Earlier, the US had claimed that the downed balloon was a Chinese spy balloon, but China denied the allegation.

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China has said it is a weather research craft with limited capabilities.
After the balloon was shot down, the US Secretary of State canceled his scheduled visit to China.
Now the accusations of spying on America are coming from China.
China claimed on Monday that since the beginning of 2022, US balloons have flown at high altitudes in Chinese airspace 10 times.
A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said the flights were illegal. However, the White House is denying this allegation.

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