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Saudi Acting Minister of Information, Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi, has held a joint conference with the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Settlement Affairs regarding the new changes and national performance in the kingdom.
According to the official news agency SPA, Majid al-Qasabi said that 2022 proved to be difficult for many countries of the world due to the problems of the Corona epidemic and the Ukrainian crisis. However, the state has achieved success at all levels.
He said that we were at the top in the field of trade and in providing humanitarian aid. In addition, it has become a world center in political, economic, technological, cultural and sports fields.
Acting Minister of Information said that the Saudi Crown Prince launched 21 projects and strategic policies during 2022. They will benefit in the near future.

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He said that due to the problems of the epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a decrease in the export of cars was recorded. The international supply line faced difficulties, but it is not true that the import of vehicles has been restricted to registered dealers.
The fact is that ordinary people can also import vehicles. Showrooms are also authorized to import vehicles.
He further said that ‘Umrah pilgrims and pilgrims from inside and outside the country have started visiting the Haram Sharifin as usual. The number of Umrah pilgrims has reached 10 million.
He said that ‘thanks to the vision of the wise leadership, the economy of the kingdom was at the top among the G20 countries. The growth rate of Saudi Arabia has been the highest in 2022.
On this occasion, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Settlement Affairs, Majid Al-Haqeel, said that the Saudi Crown Prince has allocated 100 million square meters of land for the residential program for Riyadh and densely populated cities.

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He said that the ministry has provided accommodation to more than 14 lakh families during the last four years. These figures have surpassed the record for the last 40 years.
Striving to ensure that 80% of urban residents can reach parks within ten minutes. “Fars” portal has provided opportunities to more than 55 thousand investors regarding development projects and other schemes.
The Minister of Local Government and Rural Settlement Affairs said that “bus service has been started in Riyadh in less than a month.”
In addition, a budget of one and a half billion riyals has been allocated to relieve the residents of Jeddah city from flood problems.

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