Egg Farm

In the past year, the price of eggs in the United States has risen by 60% year-on-year, which undoubtedly adds a lot of pressure to people’s lives. At present, the price of domestic eggs in the United States is still at a high level, and the egg shelf has become a symbol of inflation in the United States to some extent.

Frank Hillick is the director of a laying hen farm in California, USA. He is not happy, but somewhat frustrated that the price of eggs in the United States has soared in the past few months. Because, as farmers, they did not benefit from the price increase. Due to inflation, production costs for layer farmers have risen sharply, Hillik said.

Helik, operator of laying hen farms in California, USA: I have communicated with laying hen farmers all over California and some farmers in Arizona. Everyone said that the price of feed has almost doubled, and our packaging costs have increased by 25% to 40% %; fuel costs have increased, and labor costs have also increased.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, in December last year, the price of eggs in the U.S. rose by 138% year-on-year. The average price of a dozen or 12 eggs reached $4.25, or about 29 yuan, equivalent to about 2.4 yuan for one egg. Recently, in some large supermarkets, the price of a dozen organic eggs has even reached between US$13 and US$18.

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