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Aviation fuel shortages in Pakistan are becoming acute and chartered services run by private companies have been shut down due to non-availability of fuel.
The Aircraft Owners and Operators Association says that the aviation gas that arrived at the port of Karachi in December has not yet been cleared and the planes have been grounded due to lack of fuel.

Similarly, some other operations, including the air ambulance service, have also been stopped due to a lack of fuel for private planes.
Imran Aslam Khan, head of the Aircraft Owners and Operators Association, told Urdu News that despite the payment of the aviation gas arriving at the ports of Karachi in the last month of 2022, the LC has not yet been opened due to difficulties. .’
He said that due to the delay of the LC by the State Bank, it has become difficult to continue the operations.
It should be noted that around 200 private planes are being used in Pakistan which are operating domestic and international flights.

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In the current situation, more than 150 ships have been grounded due to a lack of fuel.
“Due to the grounding of small planes, while flying schools are affected, difficulties are also increasing for those involved in this sector and it has become difficult for private companies to pay staff salaries while meeting other expenses. It is becoming impossible to do.’
He expressed fear that if this situation continues, it will become difficult for many private companies to continue working in Pakistan in the coming days.

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