Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Western countries led by the United States have continued to send weapons to Ukraine while increasing sanctions on Russia, constantly promoting the escalation of the regional situation. In this regard, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said again recently that the United States is trying to set up obstacles for Russia to prevent Russia from playing a role on the international stage, but Russia will not succumb to the pressure of the United States.

The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 17th local time that Ryabkov stated in a TV program that the United States and some other countries are now recklessly upgrading their military support to Ukraine and raising the “stakes” excessively. He warned that the actions of the United States and other countries were “playing with fire” and the risks were high.

In addition, Ryabkov also said that the United States believes that it is a strategic miscalculation and a mistake to set up obstacles for Russia to further enhance its role on the international stage. Because Russia will never bow to US pressure.

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