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The United Nations has appealed for one billion dollars in aid to help earthquake victims in Turkey.
According to French news agency AFP, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a statement on Thursday. That these funds will provide support to 5.2 million people for three months.

He said the money would “help aid organizations to rapidly scale up their work in the areas of food, security, education, water and shelter.”
“The needs are great, people are suffering. And time cannot be wasted,” said Antonio Guterres.
“I urge the international community to come forward and provide funding. For one of the greatest natural disasters of our time.”

41 thousand 732 people have been killed

According to the authorities, 41 thousand 732 people have been killed so far due to the devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on February 6.
38 thousand 44 people have died in Turkey, while the number of deaths in Syria is 36 hundred and 88. Millions of people are homeless and need immediate assistance

The process of evacuating people trapped under the debris continues in Turkey. On Thursday, rescuers managed to free the 17-year-old girl, Elena Olmez, after 248 hours.
Ali Akdogan, a miner who took part in the rescue operation in the city of Qaharman Marash, near the epicenter of the earthquake, told AFP that he was in good condition. He opened and closed his eyes.
He said that we have been working here in this building for a week. We have come here with the hope of hearing voices.
“We are happy whenever we find someone alive, even a cat.”

Efforts are underway to rescue survivors in Turkey and Syria
Efforts are underway to rescue survivors in Turkey and Syria

The girl’s uncle hugged the rescuers one by one and said, “We will never forget you.”
It should be noted that the authorities in Turkey and Syria have not yet announced how many people are missing since the earthquake

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