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A startup company in Pune, India has made a unique invention.
According to NDTV, Pune-based startup Ashaya has created the world’s first recyclable glasses from chip wrappers. These glasses are the new brand ‘Without’ of Ashaya company.
The owner of the company, Anish Malpani, announced about the recycled glasses on social networking site Twitter, saying. “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever been a part of.” Finally, bringing to you the world’s first recyclable glasses made from empty chip wrappers, that too here in India.

Anish adds, ‘It’s not just chips packets that are recycle, but all kinds of things that are consider non-recyclable. Including chocolate wrappers, milk cartons and other important packaging. are.’
“Multi-layer plastic is consider impossible to recycle and has a zero percent recycling rate worldwide. 80 percent of flexible plastic ends up in the oceans, which is dangerous,” he says.
About recycling plastic to make glasses, Anish said that his company has mastered the process of extracting material from multi-layered plastic. And turning it into high-quality products and materials to make glasses.

About Brand Without glasses, he says. “, “These glasses will be the most durable glasses. They are very useful because they absorb the sun rays, are durable, flexible, and comfortable. Buyers can scan the QR code. On it to see how many packets we have made of which glasses and who has picked up these packets.

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