Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will soon be seen in a Disney series with Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner.
According to NDTV, Anil Kapoor has also confirmed that he is going to work on an international project.

Twitter when filmmaker Shikhar Kapur asked Anil Kapoor whether his upcoming projects include any international films.
In response to this, Anil Kapoor said that “talks are going on regarding Renravishes series and I will work in it.”
Anil Kapoor acted in Shikhar Kapoor’s film ‘Mr India’ in 1987.
Anil Kapoor has also acted twice in Hollywood films including Slumdog Millionaire and 24. She and Jeremy Renner were also in the cast of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, but did not appear together on screen.
Jeremy Renner and Anil Kapoor will be seen together in the upcoming series.
Renewals is a four-part series.

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Internet Photo

Reports of Anil Kapoor’s work in Renovations surfaced on social media last year when he was spotted with her at the Alwar Lake in Rajasthan.
Earlier this year, Jeremy Renner suffered a terrible accident due to snowfall, after which Anil Kapoor shared an old picture of him on social media and wrote, ‘Get well soon. I pray for it.’
The series ‘The Night Manager’, which is the Hindi remake of the 2016 British series, has also been in the news for some time now. It stars Anil Kapoor and Aditya Kaur.
It also stars Sobhita Dulipala, Telutama, Shoam and Ravi Behal.
The Night Manager is airing on Disney and Hotstar. Its original series was released in 2016 starring Tom Hadston and Hugh Laurie.

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