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The controversial blood festival or ‘blood festival’ held in Quilarqui, a small village in the South American country of Peru, is popular among the people, featuring a symbolic fight between a bull and a condor, or giant vulture, found in continental South America. There is a fight.

Quilarqui, a village located in the mountains, is a 9-hour bus ride from the nearby city of Cusco.

Peru is the only country in South America where this traditional fight or competition between the bird and the bull, also known as Yavar Fiesta in the local language, is still going on and tourists come in large numbers to witness this unique and exciting but bloody festival.

This blood festival is still going on in Koilarki village.
This blood festival is still going on in Koilarki village.

In the past, the competition here was known locally as the Toropakle or Game of Bull, and it has been going on for centuries in cities like Cusco.

One reason is that the condor (vulture) is the national bird of Peru, while the bull is the unofficial national symbol of Spain.

But animal rights activists have succeeded in ending or banning most of Peru, although in remote areas such as the village of Quilarqui, the blood festival is still going strong.

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