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After the devastating earthquake, a ‘farewell’ video of a young Turkish man buried under the rubble has emerged, in which a building can be seen collapsing on top of him and the message ‘maybe I’m going to die’ can be heard.
According to the news agency AFP, Taha Erdam and his family were sleeping in their residence in Adyaman, Turkey, on February 6, when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck.

Taha woke up as soon as she felt the tremors. In the next two to three seconds, she fell down with her parents and siblings as the building was collapsing.
Taha fell under the debris into a space that narrowed rapidly.
After the rumbling subsided, Erdem regained his senses and took out his mobile phone and started recording a ‘last message’ to his relatives in the hope that after his death someone would find the mobile and give him his last message. The message will also reach the world.
“I think this will be the last video I shoot for you,” he says as the camera turns on.
At that moment he feels his hand moving as the floors above are collapsing.

The number of people who died in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has increased to more than 46 thousand.
The number of people who died in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has increased to more than 46 thousand.

On an occasion when the 17-year-old knew that he was speaking to someone for the last time, he showed great courage and courage.
In the meantime, he recounts his injuries, shares some regrets, and even expresses some hope that he might survive.
In the video, the screams of people trapped in the debris of other parts of the building can also be heard.
“The earth is still shaking,” says Taha, “death is near, my friends, which comes at a time when it is most unlikely.”
After that he says some dua and then says ‘There are many things that I regret today. Oh God, forgive my sins. If I get out of here safely, there are many things I would like to do.
As more aftershocks come along, they say everything is still shaking; it; it, it’s a strong earthquake.

He says with a sad heart that maybe his family members are not alive and they too are going to reach him soon.
However, luckily, Taha is among those who were rescued alive from the rubble of the destroyed building by their neighbors two hours after the earthquake and shifted to their aunt’s house.
After about 10 hours, Taha’s parents were also pulled out of the wreckage by local people with their help and saved many lives by digging out the wreckage without any proper means.
Today, Taha and her parents live in a government-provided tent, where thousands of other people also live.
Keep in mind that the number of people who have died in Turkey and Syria due to the earthquake on February 6 has reached close to 46,000.

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