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Chaos erupted at an art fair in Miami, Florida. When a woman accidentally tore into pieces a rare piece of art valued at $42,000.
According to the AFP news agency. The artwork that fell was made of blue glass and was a small dog sculpture by renowned artist Jeff Koons.
The incident took place on Sunday at Art Wynwood. The sculpture was placed atop a rack on which the artist’s head, Nemkoens, was prominently displayed.

After the incident, artist Stephen Gamson told Fox News. I saw a woman there who was touching the artwork. And then it fell out of her hand and turned into pieces.
“I think the woman was tapping to see if it was a real balloon,” Gamson said.
A bystander also recorded a video in which art gallery employees can be seen collecting pieces of glass.
“I can’t believe anyone could watch this slapping so hard,” a voiceover in the video says.
Artist Benedict Clouch, who sponsored Koons’ artwork, told the Miami Herald that the woman did not want to destroy the artwork, while the insurance money would cover the damage.

The glass artwork shattered as it fell
The glass artwork shattered as it fell

Artist Jeff Koons was not present when the statue broke down.
He is an American painter and sculptor who creates works of art inspired by everyday objects, including balloon sculptures of animals.
His work also brings new concepts to the art world, and some of his works were auctioned for $91 million.
The dog’s accidental fracture has been created by the artist in various sizes, from less than a foot to 10 feet tall, and in a variety of colors.

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