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Before you book a plane seat for air travel. Have you thought about which plane seat is the safest during an emergency?

In this regard, aviation expert Professor Doug Drury says that ‘accidents do not always draw the same conclusion. 1989 An American Airlines flight crashes in the state of Iowa. Out of the 269 people on board, 184 people survived. Many passengers who survived were seated in the forward part of the plane, which was behind first class.

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According to the professor, ‘The Times investigation reviewed 35 years of accident statistics. And concluded that the number of deaths in the middle seats in the rearmost part of the flight was the lowest. 28 percent while the number of deaths in seats in the middle part of the plane is 48 percent.

Doug Drury says, ‘It makes sense because sitting near the exit row allows you to get out quickly. In an emergency, but also prevents a fire. But there is oil in the wings of the plane. Which Because sitting in the middle section, there is no way out during an emergency.’

“Similarly, sitting near the front can affect you more than those sitting in the back. Because it has the last exit row,” the aviation professor added. For this reason, middle seats are better than glass or aisle seats. Because the rest can be pressured on both sides.

It is also worth noting here that flight accidents can also be different and terrible. As if a plane crashes into a mountain, the chances of survival are very low. For example, in 1979, a New Zealand flight crashed into a mountain in Antarctica, killing 257 people, including the crew.

Similarly, crashes in the open sea are more likely to kill passengers. As in the 2009 crash involving Air France Flight 447. Which killed 228 people, including the crew.

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