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The Joe Biden administration has proposed new restrictions on the southern border to deal with the influx of refugees.
According to the French news agency AFP, the new rules state that refugees coming to the US must apply for asylum on the government’s ‘CBP One’ app and schedule a meeting with US border officials, or else they can come to the US. Apply for asylum first in the country you are passing through.
Those who do not follow this procedure will be ineligible for asylum.

Proposed restrictions are published in the Federal Register and may be commented on for 30 days before implementation. This appears to be a continuation of former President Donald Trump’s policy, which was eventually declared unconstitutional.
The Biden administration says this is one way to deal with the 200,000 refugees who try to cross the border each month if Congress doesn’t act.
“We are strengthening access to legal recourse for refugees, while making it possible to detain those who do not follow these procedures,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement. .’
Refugee advocacy groups have condemned the new restrictions, comparing them to former President Donald Trump’s policies that made it nearly impossible for refugees to enter the United States.
Oxfam America President Abe Maxman said, “This ban on asylum will close the door to countless refugees seeking safety and security in the United States.”
He said that this policy is illegal and immoral.

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