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Police have rescued a woman and a child from a flat in the Indian city of Gurugram who were locked in their house for three years.
According to Indian channel NDTV, a police officer told them that Mun Mun Majhi, 33, had locked herself and her seven-year-old son in her flat three years ago because she was afraid that her son would ‘ He will die due to corona virus as soon as he leaves the house.’
About a week ago, a man named Sujan Majhi came to the Gurugram police and said that his wife had kept herself and her son indoors for three years due to fear of corona virus.
According to the report, Sujan Majhi told the police that he went to his office after the restrictions imposed due to corona virus in India were over and after that his wife did not let him enter the house.

According to Sojan Majhi, since he became homeless, he has been giving flat rent, gas and electricity and also keeps household items at the door.
The report said that after being evicted from the house, Sujan Majhi stayed at the houses of his relatives and friends and when his wife did not allow him to enter the house for months, he rented a separate house for himself.
The Gurugram police officer who convinced the woman to leave the house says that he did not believe Sujan Majhi’s story at first. but when Mun Mun Majhi was telephoned, he learned that both the woman and the child were fine. are
The police officer added, “We then video called them and when I saw the child, I got emotional. His hair was growing up to his shoulders.
The child with the woman is now 10 years old, and in the last three years he has not met anyone other than his mother and has been drawing pencil pictures and cartoons on the walls of the house to erase the feeling of loneliness.

The police say that the woman had also collected three years worth of garbage in the house.
The police say that the woman had also collected three years worth of garbage in the house.

A police officer posted in Gurugram says that the mother was panicked due to the corona virus and had no intention of leaving the house.
The woman told the police that “I will not let my son go out of the house because as soon as he goes out he will die immediately.”
The police officer further said that ‘I kept talking to the woman and kept asking if she needed any kind of help. After that she started trusting me. When I asked her to come to the police station, she came but did not bring her son with her.
The police officer says, ‘When Mun Mun Majhi came to the police station, we managed to convince her that she should go to the doctor for a check-up and when she went to the doctor, the policemen went to the house from behind and took the child. Kicked out of the house.’
According to the police, when they entered the woman’s house, they were shocked to see that there was a pile of garbage there because the woman had not thrown the garbage out of the house for three years.

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