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Foreign asylum seekers in the eastern province of Bedfordshire say they are afraid to leave their hotels after locals start filming them.
According to Arab News, the Guardian newspaper reported that most of the refugees were from Yemen, Syria and the African country of Eritrea, and on Friday, locals attacked the hotel in Dunstable where they were staying. Protested.
A refugee resident there claimed that the far-right group Patriotic Alternative launched a pamphlet campaign against the hotel, including the slogan ‘You Pay, Migrants Stay’.

He said that ‘we thought that there would be an opportunity to live a good life in England, but nothing could change.’
“Mostly we don’t go out of the hotel because we are in a dangerous situation.”
John Gurney, a local councilor in Dunstable, is against asylum seekers.
Their Facebook posts feature pictures and videos of refugees inside hotels and out walking, hanging out in cafes and parks.
The refugee in the hotel further said that ‘after all, why are the local people roaming around outside the hotel and taking pictures of the people living here and we can’t do anything about it.’
According to him, “If you stalk guests for some reason and then post their pictures and videos online, it’s possible that the police can take action against you for harassing others.”
“Please don’t follow others and don’t take pictures of them,” he appealed.
Patriotic Alternative launched a leaflet campaign in the Knowsley and Merseyside area earlier this month.
According to the campaign group Hope Not Hate, which monitors far-right activities, Perioretic Alternative also met with people before Saturday’s demonstration and prepared them for the protest.
Earlier this month, there were reports that four young Afghan asylum seekers had been arrested for their involvement in the rape of a 15-year-old girl, but police later said that an investigation proved that their incident was fake. Had nothing to do with them, and no further action will be taken against them.
Asylum seekers are staying in a hotel in Dunstable, having previously been staying in a hotel in Greenwich.
They were asked by the Home Office to leave the hotel, but 40 refused to do so while the rest went to another hotel. Those staying at the Greenwich Hotel are supported by the local council.

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