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At the G20 conference in India, most of the representatives strongly condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine, but China and Russia did not sign a joint declaration.
According to the British news agency Reuters, India, which hosts the Group of Twenty Economies (G20) meeting, was also reluctant to raise the issue of the Russia-Ukraine war, but Western countries insisted that they strongly condemn it. Will not settle for less.

After the G20 meeting, the ‘Chair Summary and Outcome Document’ was released, according to which the meeting could not reach a complete consensus.
According to the report issued by the meeting, “Most of the members have strongly condemned the war in Ukraine, which is causing human tragedy on a large scale and this war is also severely affecting the economy at the global level.”
The report cited supply chain disruptions, economic instability, and energy and food issues due to war.
Germany’s Finance Minister Christian Linder has described China’s failure to sign the final declaration as “regrettable”.

It should be noted that Russia is a member of G20 but it is not included in G7. He calls the war against Ukraine a “special military operation” rather than an invasion or a war.
It should be noted that when the United Nations voted on the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine on Thursday, China and India did not participate.

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