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The US intelligence agency CIA has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident that he will eventually take over Ukraine thanks to his military might.

Citing a TV interview with CIA Director William Burns, the Associated Press reported that Putin displayed a certain arrogance at a meeting in November that seemed to indicate his conviction. That they will not only destabilize Ukraine but also control our European allies and after that political affairs will finally return to normal.
Burns said that what he has gathered about Putin is that he seems determined to continue the war despite the loss of life and property.
“I think Putin has full confidence in all his abilities that he will take over Ukraine.”

Burns also said that Putin is not valuing U.S. support in Ukraine, and that he believes the U.S. is paying attention and we will eventually move on to another issue.
The CIA director’s views come at a time when the Biden administration believes that the Chinese leadership is considering giving Russia its most lethal weapons.
Burns said that if this happens, it will be a dangerous and unwise step that will further strain the relationship between the world’s two largest economies. So I hope China will not do that.
“Chinese President Xi Jinping is taking a serious look at the way the war is progressing and seems uneasy about it.”
Referring to Putin’s arrogance, he said that in an authoritarian system, big mistakes are made when no one challenges their leader.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 last year
Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 last year

Keep in mind that Russia attacked the neighboring country of Ukraine on February 24 last year; since then the war has been ongoing.
The United States and other European countries have the support of Ukraine, and US President Joe Biden visited Kiev recently.
Many sanctions have been imposed on Russia by the United States and other countries, but the Russian army is still present in Ukraine and has annexed some areas.
The Russian president has threatened to use nuclear weapons, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he will confront Russia and not surrender.
In the past few days, the news of China’s consideration of giving weapons to Russia has caused more tension in the relationship between China and the United States, and the United States has warned it that it will face consequences if it supplies weapons to Russia. It will have to be done.

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