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Campbell Wilson, the CEO of the Indian airline ‘Air India’, has said that the airline will provide new facilities to the people on a large scale by the end of 2024.
In an interview to NDTV, Campbell Wilson said that ‘Air India will see a big change by the end of next year.’
At the beginning of this month, Air India will buy 470 jets from Boeing and Airbus to help the airline regain its lost ground.

“We are desperate for change,” says Campbell Wilson. What people don’t realize is that the product you want to buy takes up to 18 months to be regulated, engineered and manufactured for new seats after you pay for them. We are working as fast as possible on the new aircraft.
Air India’s CEO added, “This proves that new aircraft are to be ordered for a long time.” These new ships will be packed with new generation seats and entertainment. So by the end of 2024, it is quite certain that the mass of amenities offered to the public on flights will be completely new.
Air India will receive six new Airbus A900-350 aircraft later this year. These new planes were made for the Russian airline Aeroflot, but due to the sanctions imposed on Moscow due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, their delivery process could not take place.
Air India has decided to change the interior design of these new planes so that the planes will adopt the traditional look of the airline. Will be improved.
Campbell-Wilson adds about the airline that, “Along with Air India, Indian Aviation also has a lot of talent with simultaneous day and night service around the world. We intend to lease the new aircraft to the larger market.
Regarding Air India’s market and business, the CEO said that the North American market is very attractive. There is a big business opportunity there; there is a large population of Indians. We have already started new services from Delhi; we have restored some services from Mumbai and Bangalore and more attention will be given to them.
“In Europe, we have recommended our services to Copenhagen, Vienna, London’s Heathrow Airport,” says Campbell Wilson about Europe.
Regarding the rest of the international routes except Europe, he said that “Los Angeles was restricted for flights which will not be restricted anymore.”
In addition, he said that there is a rich business opportunity for Australia and New Zealand, including Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Canadian cities Toronto and Vancouver.
Air India’s 220 aircraft will be taken from Boeing and 250 aircraft from Airbus, after which Air India will compete with local airline IndiGo in the world’s most populous country.
Campbell Wilson, 52, was appointed CEO of the airline in June last year when the Tata Group bought the airline back from the Indian government.

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