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Bangladesh is trying to send citizens to Saudi Arabia according to its annual Hajj quota, but the country’s falling currency and inflation remain a challenge.
According to Arab News, due to sky-high flight fares, the journey of many pilgrims has become impossible.

This year, 127,000 Bangladeshi pilgrims will be able to perform Hajj for Saudi Arabia.
This quota was agreed upon by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh earlier this year.
The registration process for Hajj in Bangladesh started on February 8, but by March 1, only 32,000 people had registered themselves.
Officials say that this has not been seen before.
“I have never seen this happen before,” Saiful Islam, director of Dhaka’s Hajj Office, told Arab News.
It should be noted that this year’s Hajj will start on June 26 and will end on July 1.
Registration for Hajj in Bangladesh will continue till March 7.
Director of Hajj Office, Saiful Islam, said, “I am sure that the registration of Hajj pilgrims will increase by March 7.”
He said that in this situation, the government does not plan to give any kind of subsidy.
Haj tour operators in Bangladesh, on the other hand, link the problem to rising inflation.
Yakub Shrafati, Senior Vice President of Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh, said, “All this is happening due to the fall in the value of taka against the dollar.”
He said that compared to last year, Hajj fares have increased by 580 dollars this year. The rent was 1400 dollars last year, while this year it is around 2000 dollars.
Our government has continued the registration process day and night and our people are also working on it continuously.

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