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Overseas Network, March 2 According to a report by Bloomberg News on the 1st, Philippine politicians opposed the US plan to expand its military presence in the Philippines. They did not want foreign powers to dictate their territory, and said that if external forces were stationed, the residents would have trouble sleeping and eating.

Senator Imi Marcos, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Philippine Congress, questioned at the hearing why the United States should be given greater military access, and said that expanding the presence of US troops will not strengthen the defense of the Philippines. The governor of Cagayan Province, Manuel Mamba, said that the only hope for the residents of the province is that there are no external forces stationed on the territory. If external forces are stationed, the residents will have trouble sleeping and eating.

U.S. media reported in November last year that the U.S. military was pushing to consider adding four new military bases in the Philippines and seeking more military access in the Philippines. Two stations are considered in Cagayan Province, one in Isabela Province and the other in Palawan Island.

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