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The White House has said that Biden administration officials will not meet with the Israeli finance minister, who has announced the obliteration of a Palestinian town, during his visit to the US.
Arab News has reported with reference to Israeli media that Finance Minister Betzalel Smutrich will go on an American visit.

At a White House press briefing, reporters were told that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yalan or other government officials would not meet with Israel’s finance minister.
Finance Minister Betzalel Smutrich spoke at a conference during the attacks and violent incidents between Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank region to raze the town of Hawara.
The Israeli finance minister said in response to a question that “I think that Hawara should be erased from the page.”
Two Israeli civilians were killed in an attack by suspected Palestinian militants to stop Jewish settlers in the area.
The violence followed an attack in which Israeli forces killed 11 Palestinians in the northern city of Nablus during an operation in the West Bank.
Israel’s finance minister will be in Washington this month from March 12 to 14, where he will address the annual conference of Israeli bonds.
The Israeli finance minister’s statement about the destruction of the town of Hawara drew strong reactions from around the world and UN human rights chief Volker Türk condemned him, saying, “This statement incites violence and increases hostility.” Is.’
The US State Department also called Finance Minister Betzalel Smutrich’s statement an incitement to violence and asked the Israeli prime minister to publicly deny it.
“This is irresponsible, intolerable and abhorrent,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

There have been clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli army in the West Bank.
There have been clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli army in the West Bank.

“Just as we condemn incitement to violence by Palestinians, we also condemn statements that incite violence,” he said.
According to Israeli media reports, about 120 American Jewish leaders have announced in a joint statement a boycott of Finance Minister Betzalel Smutrich’s visit to the United States, saying he should not be given a platform by the community.
Israel’s finance minister issued a clarification on his statement following a global backlash, saying he did not mean what was taken. However, he did not withdraw his statement.

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