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A farmer in the Indian state of Maharashtra has set fire to his onion crop after not getting adequate amount of produce from the state and central government.
According to NDTV, farmer Krishna Dongar has burnt his onion field covering one and a half acres.
Krishna Dongar says that he spent INR 150,000 on the crop in about four months and had to spend another 30,000 on getting it to the market and was offered only INR 25,000 for the onion crop.

“I worked day and night for four months to produce this crop, but due to the mistakes of the state and central government, I was forced to burn my crop.”
According to him, my onion crop has been burnt but the Chief Minister has not come. “The state and the center should stand with the farmers.”
Krishna Dongar wrote a letter to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde with his own blood to record the protest, asking him to see the onion crop burning himself so that he would know about the plight of the farmers.
He demanded that the government buy all their crops at minimum support prices. “Government should give us all a discount for our current losses.”
From September 2020 to November 2021, millions of Indian farmers protested against controversial new agricultural laws, after which the Indian Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of these laws.
Even after the repeal of the controversial laws, farmers are now demanding a minimum support price for the crop. Farmers say it will benefit them.

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