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When he saw a hungry man near his restaurant eight years ago. The restaurant owner from Pakistan decided to feed free food to those who could not afford it.
Since then, the staff has never let a person leave without money.
In Sharjah, Shahid Asghar Bangash. He is from Peshawar, started a hotel in 2008 called Karachi Star. Which serves South Asian dishes such as biryani, kadahi, and kebabs.

The owner of Karachi Star restaurant said that he came to know a few years ago. That there are many people who come to the emirate in search of work and many times return home in such a situation that they cannot even eat food from their pocket.

“The free food scheme was start for those people who were cheat out of the buildings by the agents. That is, those who have jobs and no money for food.”
He further said that ‘We cannot give employment to these people. But this much is certain that we are trying to make the difficulty of their food easy.’

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According to him, ‘no specific number has been fixe as to how many people have to be give free food. But around 50 are give free food every day.’
According to Shahid Asghar, ‘No conditions have set by us. These people can order anything from the menu of that day.’

He said that the self-esteem of those who eat free food is not allowe to hurt. For this, our staff has set code words so that other customers do not know that there is a free meal here.
Afzal Khan, who reached the Emirates after being cheated, is also one of those who visit the restaurant. Karachi Star is not only giving them food but also showing them hope.
At first, he was reluctant to come to eat lest the staff mistake him for a beggar.

“It has given me enough energy to look for a job,” he added.
Apart from free sit-down meals, this restaurant also has a take-out facility.
Faisal Iqbal from Pakistan says, “I am very grateful to this restaurant because it gave me the energy I needed during difficult times.”
Similarly, another person from Pakistan said, “I was surprised to see that I was also offered the same service as those who paid money.” I am grateful to the restaurant owner and staff for this self-respecting behavior.

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