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For the first time in history, young Saudi women are actively participating in football, taekwondo, boxing, motor car racing, tennis, fencing, golf and other sports.

Since 2015, thanks to the efforts of several sports federations, Saudi women have been representing the country at the international level, albeit in small numbers, but this is of great importance.
Now women’s national teams have also been formed and women are free to participate in sports due to the support of the Saudi leadership.
As a result of this freedom, Saudi women are now coming forward from all over the kingdom and are also representing the country in regional and international tournaments.
With the support of Saudi Vision 2030, the number of women participating in local competitions has increased by 59% since 2015.
Similarly, the number of female athletes participating in international competitions has increased to 166%. Apart from this, the number of coaches increased by 117% while the number of female athletes increased by 150%.
During the same period, the number of women’s teams representing the Kingdom went from zero to 23, and Saudi women athletes also won 100 medals in regional and international competitions.
Currently, 12 Saudi women are holding important positions in international sports while there are 38 Saudi sports federations in the country.
This development is not only limited to team sports but many individual athletes are advancing in different sports.

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