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According to officials in India. An Indian military helicopter fired a mortar shell at a village instead of the target during training. Killing a young couple and their neighbor and injuring two others.
The American news agency AP said that this incident Indian military helicopter took place on Wednesday in the state of Bihar. In the eastern region of the country.

State officer Pankaj Kumar says, “The young couple who died were going to celebrate the Hindu religious festival ‘Holi’. Along with the girl’s parents in the village of Galwarid in Gaya district of Bihar state.”
Pankaj Kumar further said that two other people were also injured. When the mortar shell fell on the premises of the house.

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There was no immediate comment from the Indian Army on the incident.
The area is located 120 km (65 mi) south of the state capital Patna, near the Army’s firing range.
Last year, other such incidents took place near the military area.
According to media reports, a civilian was killed when a shell exploded near the firing range last year. While he was removing a piece of metal from the shell to sell.
In another incident during December, 10 people were injured while collecting firewood near the firing range.

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