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Amnesty International, an international organization working for human rights, has said that the use of rubber bullets and tear gas by the police against peaceful protesters around the world has become routine.
According to the French news agency AFP, as a result of the action by the police against the peaceful protesters, many people have suffered eye damage and even deaths have been reported.

Amnesty International, after researching more than 30 countries over the past five years, has called for better measures and the use of “less lethal weapons” during peaceful protests.
“Thousands of protesters and bystanders have been maimed and many killed by the irresponsible use of weapons by law enforcement,” he said in his new report ‘My Eye Exploded’.
The report states that police around the world have used rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters.
According to Amnesty, there has been an alarming increase in eye damage and blindness during the protests.
According to the National Institute for Human Rights in the South American country of Chile, since October 2019, more than 30 cases of eye injuries have been reported in police actions against protesters.

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Amnesty says that surveys conducted in other countries have revealed that protesters have suffered bone and skull fractures, brain injuries, ruptured internal organs and damage to the heart and ribs.
Demonstrators were also killed during the protest.
At least one death has been reported in Spain by a rubber bullet the size of a tennis ball.
Amnesty International’s Patrick Wilkin says there is an urgent need for effective force-regulatory rules to legally control the production and trade of less lethal weapons and to combat abuses.

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