Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Germany’s response to the gas pipeline explosions at sea shows that it is still under “occupation” and cannot do anything independently.
The British news agency Reuters, referring to an interview given to Russian television, said that Putin, referring to the Nord gas pipeline through which gas from Russia reaches Germany, said that after the explosions on it, The approach taken by Germany, it seems, remains the same decades after surrendering in World War II.

Putin also said that “European leaders have lost their sense of sovereignty and independence.”
The Russian president said that Western countries, including Germany, reacted very cautiously to the targeting of the Nord pipeline and said that they think it was done deliberately, although they know who is responsible, but they refuse to say. are doing.’
Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany also took steps to reduce its dependence on energy delivered via the Nord Pipeline.
Other leaders, including German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, have also been cautious about the pipeline explosions.
Boris Pistorius said last week that the explosions could be a false act aimed at defaming Ukraine.
It should be noted that there were reports of a gas leak from the Nord pipeline passing through the Baltic Sea, due to which the gas supply was cut off.
Germany, Denmark, and Sweden called the pipeline leak an attack rather than an accident, after which Europe began an investigation into the incident and the United States offered Europe security for energy facilities.
A report published in the German magazine Spiegel last year also hinted at the attack.
“The German government was tipped off by the CIA over the summer about possible targeting of gas pipelines that Berlin believed to be the Nord One and Nord Two pipelines,” the report said. ‘
After the incident, the prime ministers of Sweden and Denmark said in a statement that “it is clear that the pipeline was deliberately damaged, including an element of possible sabotage.” Poland has also accused of sabotage, but no evidence has been presented on their behalf.

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