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The sikh protestors took down the Indian flag. And hoisted the Khalistan flag from the Indian embassy. In the capital of England. After which the British ambassador in Delhi was summon and the protest recorded.

According to NDTV, Amrit Pal Singh’s supporters protested against the police crackdown in London on Sunday.
The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. That ‘an explanation was sought from the Indian Embassy in London. On the complete absence of British security. The British ambassador reminded of the UK’s primary responsibility under the Vienna Convention.’

In videos on social media, sikh protesters can see climbing the Indian embassy. And pulling down the Indian flag and putting up the flag of Khalistan.
The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the British government’s inattention to the security of the Indian embassy and its staff is unacceptable.

In the Indian state of Punjab, police are continuing to arrest 30-year-old Sikh leader Amrit Pal Singh. Who is considered a separatist. While 78 of his associates have arrested in Jalandhar.
Amrit Pal Singh’s name was in the news last month. When men armed with swords, knives and guns attacked. A police station to free an associate of the Sikh protesters leader who was arrest by the police.
A number of police personnel injured in the attack. And after that the authorities launched a crackdown against Amrit Pal Singh and his accomplices.
On Saturday, the police raided several places to arrest Amrit Pal Singh, but he has not been arrested so far.

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