A woman who won a lottery worth 348 thousand dollars was sued by her husband for marrying another person.
According to NDTV, a man in Thailand was surprised when his wife won a lottery worth 348 thousand dollars (12 million Thai baht). And then married another man.
A 47-year-old man named Narain filed a case against his wife on March 11, according to a report by ThaiGar.

Narin married the woman 20 years ago, after which three daughters were born to him.
According to reports, Narin was in debt of 2 million baht. And decided to move to South Korea in 2014 to pay off his debt.
He continued to work in South Korea. And sent 27,000 to 30,000 baht a month to his wife Chai Wan from there.
Naren later learns that his wife has won a lottery worth 12 million Thai baht. Which she hide from her husband.
Not being able to contact his wife, Narin decided to go back to Thailand on March 3, where he found out that his wife had married a police officer on February 25 this year.
“I was shocke and didn’t know what to do,” says Narin.
It was disappoint. I didn’t expect that 20 years later my wife could do this to me. I have only 60 thousand baht left in my bank account because I kept sending all the money to my wife. My demand is justice and I want my money back.’
On the other hand, Chawi Wan says that many years before she win the lottery, he and Narin got separate, after which he got marry of his choice.
Narin, however, says he has no knowledge about the separation.
Keep in mind that the matter between the two husbands and wives is being investigate by the police.

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