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US President Joe Biden has said that he believes that China has not yet sent weapons to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.
During the press conference in Canada, the American president said, “For the last three months, there have been rumors that China is going to give important weapons to Russia, but it has not happened yet.” , that doesn’t mean he won’t, but he hasn’t yet.

According to him, “I do not consider China to be trivial, nor Russia, however, the reports of communication between them were exaggerated.”
Joe Biden said that if anything has happened, it is that the West has become more united than ever.
He also referred to US allies in the Pacific region as the Quad, which includes Australia, India, and Japan, while also referring to the ‘Ox’, which includes Australia and the United Kingdom.
On the occasion of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia this week, the two countries praised their “special relationship”.
However, the Chinese president promised to continue trade and moral support with Russia, but did not promise to give it weapons for the Ukraine war. This could be a move that could lead to Western countries imposing sanctions on China.
Similarly, no such promise has been made by China that it will buy gas from Russia because its gas is no longer reaching Europe.

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